Choosing plants for your garden is always a challenging and exiting occasion as we look forward to our next seasons display. Tradewinds is pleased to offer you an interesting and varied range of plants that include the rare and unusual.

We stock a number of architectural and structural plants for varied shape and texture in the garden. We are always pleased to answer your queries and suggest suitable planting ideas.

Hardy Perenials

The mainstay of most gardens are perenials, which provide a colourfull display for most of the year. Tradescantias, Verbascums, Monkshood, Asters and Daylillies to name a few all create in our minds eye a cottage garden of long ago. These classic perennials are herbaceous plants that live for an indefinite period, dying back in winter then reappearing in spring. With carefull selection these plants can be brought together from a series of garden pictures for you to enjoy colour throughout the seasons.


As a supporting cast to bulbs and herbaceous perennials shrubs always have a role in the garden. At Tradewinds we can provide a range of shrubs that will give you some flower in every month of the year, from Winter Sweet (Chimonanthus Praecox) and Chineese Witch Hazel (Hamamelis Mollis) in January, the flowering Cherries in Spring, Philadelphus and Hydrangeas in Summer, Caryopteris in Autumn and on to a burst of blossom from Winter Virburnum (Virburnum x Bodenantense) to welcome Christmas Day.

Coronet Apple Trees

Coronet Apple Trees are a unique miniature apple tree developed specially for the small garden and patio. It crops in its first year, remains miniature permanently and is easy to grow. They grow no higher than 5ft and no wider than 3ft.Branch growth is minimal, consequently little or no pruning is required even when they are fully mature.


Bamboos can be a fascinating and a useful addition to any garden. Contrary to popular belief, not all bamboos are invasive. There are bamboos that grow to varying heights, some like it wet, some like it dry. Some can be planted in pots. There are bamboos for hedging, bamboos for forming groves, in fact, bamboos for almost anywhere in your garden.

Bog & Marginal Plants

To have a water feature in the garden adds movement, light, and sound. It also means that it is possible to grow plants that thrive in damp or even wet conditions. With carefull selection bog and marginal plants can provide colour from flowers and foliage throughout the year.